Transmission & Distribution Line Lightning Performance

I3CM LLS: Integrated Computation, Communication, Control, Measurement with Lightning Location System

I3CM LLS is a hardware add-on to Sigma SLP, equipped with the transients recorders to be installed inside the substations on the secondary equipment of the overhead lines (OHL) of interest.

It compares the recorded transient events inside the provided I3CM LLS software with the Lightning Location System (LLS) data, including the weather data such as wind speed and direction in the vicinity of the monitored OHLs.

Some of the I3CM LLS features are:

  • Software determination of the sections of the OHL whose performances improvement should be prioritized.
  • Real-time comparison of transients events, whereby the measured input is provided by specially-designed transient recorder as a part of I3CM LLS and fully linked with the LLS and weather data.

I3CM LLS can be compared to Fault Locators (two units are required on both side of OHL for the double-ended Traveling-Wave Fault Location); while only one I3CM 5G transient recorder is required for single end of monitored OHL, whereby the same recorder also monitors neighboring OHLs (because fault propagates over the power network). I3CM LLS fault location, in case of lightning, is provided with LLS data (less than one span accuracy advertised by LLS providers) and competes directly the accuracy of the fault locators.

New I3CM 5G transient recorder with included 5G mobile communication module (top) and installation view for a 35kV OHL (bottom)