POLOPT Products Portfolio

D2: TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION: Monitoring, Analysis & Optimization


Sigma SLP and I3CM LLS are the packages of a specialized software and system for the real-time determination of the transmission and distribution line lightning performance, equipped with an add-on hardware component for the prioritized system optimization.

Sigma SLP is a simulation software for the computation of the lightning performances of the transmission and distribution lines.

I3CM LLS is a hardware add-on, equipped with the transients recorders to be installed inside the substations on the secondary equipment of the overhead lines (OHL) of interest. It compares the recorded transient events inside the provided I3CM LLS software with the Lightning Location System (LLS) data, including the weather data such as wind speed and direction in the vicinity of the monitored OHLs. It provides integrated computation, communication, control and measurement with Lightning Location System.