Transmission & Distribution Line Lightning Performance

Sigma SLP: Software for Lightning Performance

Case study: Automatic LSA placement optimization

Automatic LSA placement tool is used with tower footing resistance criteria on the real OHL data (total number of 309 towers, different spans lengths, different tower footing resistances of each tower).

Different cases for each tower include no LSA to install at all (grey color), LSA on bottom phase (red), LSA on bottom and middle phase (blue), LSA on bottom and top phase (green), LSA on all three phases (yellow).

With only 423 LSA (out of 309 towers * 3 phases = 927 installation places), Total Flashover Rate is reduced from 3.26597 to 0.7239 (more than 4 times) [and back flashover rate by more than 13 times].

Automatic LSA placement tool with tower footing resistance criteria
Section of OHL display with first 85 towers and their tower footing resistances (60 Ohm max)
Performance without LSA
Performance with LSA optimization